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Case Study: ISMS Audit

Our client had relied on various suppliers for audits related to health, safety, and operations, with each supplier focusing on specific functional areas. Therefore, a comprehensive Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) audit had not been conducted in recent years. Additionally, the client had invested in an innovative competence management system (CMS) to consolidate data input and management.

Assess the effectiveness of the ISMS against the organisation's risk profile and existing mitigation measures.

Evaluate the CMS integration to ensure that key risk controls were adequately documented and assured.

Prioritise the actions based on their risk profile to guide the Executive team.

The audit shifted the organisations focus from immediate concerns to a long-term assurance and review perspective.

The audit found issues previously not identified during the implementation and integration of the electronic CMS.

The audit provided a comprehensive evaluation of the electronic CMS, and provided confidence that it supported the organisation's long-term safety goals and needs.

Findings were presented in a prioritised manner, enabling the Executive team to focus on high-impact improvements.

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