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About Us

The QSS Group Limited are a versatile team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who take Health and Safety and the Environment seriously.

Formerly known as Quality & Safety Services (QSS), the company was originally the Quality and Safety specialists within British Rail.  QSS was established as a private limited company in 1995 as part of the privatisation of British Rail and was subsequently re-named The QSS Group Limited in 2001.

The QSS Group Limited is a management consultancy providing HSQE, Fire Safety, Auditing and Training services to railway and industrial clients, service organisations and local authorities.

QSS specialises in business improvement, risk management and profiling, technical and systems audit, safety inspections, health and safety and fire risk assessments, supplier assurance services, integrated HSQE management support, training and project management.  Performance improvement services are an explicit part of our portfolio and we provide practical support to customers with performance improvement objectives.

Company Number: 04257005

Contruction Engineer
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