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Case Study: RM3

In the safety-critical world of fleet maintenance, managing risk and ensuring safety is of paramount importance, especially for a major supplier undergoing rapid expansion across multiple sites. This case study examines a transformative project that aimed to expedite the learning process and enhance safety risk management maturity within the organisation, utilising the Risk Management Maturity (RM3) Model, by adopting a collaborative approach and leveraging the expertise of The QSS Group, the fleet maintenance supplier successfully improved safety practices across its growing business.


A project team of key management personnel from each depot and headquarters was formed. This team became the driving force behind improvements to safety risk management practices at each site. RM3 protocols were tailored to the organisation's specific language and safety management system. This customisation simplified the process of matching evidence to criteria, thereby speeding up the assessment. Selected representatives from each site participated in a comprehensive RM3 awareness training program. These sessions educated them on RM3 criteria and how to match evidence to those criteria. This fostered consistency and encouraged collaboration and information sharing among the project team members. QSS facilitated a series of sessions with depot representatives to discuss lower-level RM3 criteria, particularly levels one and two. During these sessions, examples of policies and procedures delivering basic Safety Management System (SMS) requirements were uploaded to a shared document library. This process identified shared and common processes, enabling headquarters to incorporate locally optimised processes into group-level standards, and in some cases, bolstering local management systems. Depot representatives gained a comprehensive understanding of the RM3 criteria and learned how to identify and upload evidence into shared document libraries.

This empowerment allowed them to take ownership of their depot's safety risk management and contribute effectively to the overall assessment process.

With a solid foundation in place, a preplanned schedule was deployed, giving each depot project team time to gather the required data for the assessment of higher levels of maturity. Each depot collected and uploaded their evidence to the combined list and shared directory. A QSS verifier remotely reviewed the evidence, ensuring its alignment with the provided answers. Verification sessions held remotely addressed challenges and questions, adding quality to evidence linked to the relevant criteria. This process resulted in a verified assessment against RM3 level 3, 'Standardised’.



Through a collaborative approach and by leveraging QSS's expertise, the fleet maintenance supplier successfully accelerated their learning and improved safety risk management maturity across their rapidly expanding business. By establishing a dedicated project team, customising protocols, conducting training programs, and fostering collaboration, the organisation achieved enhanced safety practices at multiple sites. This case study highlights the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, continuous improvement in attaining safety excellence within a dynamic industry.

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