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Site Safety, Monitoring & Inspection

The QSS Group Ltd. are able to offer a flexible programme of Site Safety Inspections that monitor health, safety and environmental compliance and can be tailored to your needs.


We have undertaken Site Safety Inspections across the UK on sites ranging from the conversion of railway arches into retail units, constructing a new car park, to refurbishing major train stations.


We generally work on behalf of the ‘Client’ under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, to provide the assurance that hazards on site are being effectively managed.


A programme of inspections can be built into your project from commencement through to completion, this not only provides assurance, but can provide focused data to share with your suppliers and highlight areas for improvement as well as good practice.  Working in this collaborative way enables issues to be dealt with efficiently and contributes to a positive safety culture.​

The scope of a Site Safety Inspection can be bespoke to your requirements but includes an evaluation of the site documentation and site activity to ensure the site is being managed in accordance with legislation, industry/company standards and the Construction Phase Plan.

An effective inspection enables the discovery of not only corrective actions but also identifying good practice in a collaborative manner. This will assist in assessing the hazards on site and maintaining a positive safety culture.

A targeted inspection programme will provide an independent review, point out improvements and help you spot and avoid serious failure in the future.

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