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Environmental Management

An energy management system provides the means to identify where your business is wasting energy and money. It is a set of activities and structures that encourage continuous improvement in the use of energy from all parts of the business.

Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS)

We can assist companies undertake their initial energy audit. This first audit is due by December 2015 and has to be done as a minimum of once every 4 years. As part of the ESOS scheme, QSS are planning to offer an ESOS assessor service as well.

ISO 50001:2018

The international standard for energy management is being increasingly recognised as being an effective means of managing energy within an organisation. Attainment of the standard gives exemption from ESOS by establishing an energy baseline and driving energy use reduction through target setting. The QSS Group have experience of setting up ISO50001 systems within large businesses and leading them to achieving certification to the standard.

Energy Management and Smart Metering

The advent of smart metering within the UK has created a highly effective measurement infrastructure that can be used to accurately measure energy use within an organisation to a fine degree of granularity. Together with ISO50001:2018, smart metering makes making substantial savings obvious and attainable. QSS have the capability to develop individualised ISO 50001:2018 systems and assist businesses with reducing costs. Our partner organisation, RIQC, can also certify compliance the ISO50001:2018 Standard.

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