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Safety Management

Safety is at the forefront of all major businesses. Our safety services cover a wide range of industries and are tailored to ensure that your people are kept safe at all times. 

If you're worried about certain aspects of your business or you need some health and safety advice from a trained professional, please get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


Assurance Certification

A business success initiative designed by the QSS Group to award a Product and Supplier Assurance Certificate for safety or operationally critical materials and services.

The process involves:

- Improving technical competence

- Managing business systems

- Product and procurement risk

- Contract management

these steps will ensure we fully understand your business and set out a pathway to success and continuous improvement.


Occupational Risk Assessment

QSS has considerable experience in providing customers with expert guidance and development services to keep you up to date with procedures. Our people will lead a careful, detailed analysis of the work being undertaken and compile a task assessment matrix for activities in the workshop, allowing for the identification of hazards, recommending suitable control measures for delivering a low-risk environment.


Risk Assessments

The QSS Group have been offering practical consultancy in Risk since 1995. We have an established team of safety, quality and environmental consultants. We can support you in assessing the safety risk within the shared areas of your property portfolio to:

- Recognise and control hazards

- Reduce the likelihood of incidents

- Save costs by being proactive rather than reactive.

All findings and reports from our assessments are presented both electronically, on a shared web portal and in hard copy format. Having the project information to hand enables anyone new to the project to quickly understand project progress against the scope.


Competence Assurance

A suitable and effective competence management system is essential for business success.

Step One

We discuss with you and identify your business goals.

Step Two

We carry out an analysis of your business so we can work out your risks, requirements and control measures.

Step Three

We provide the required training to your employees, ensuring competence levels are high and your business runs smoothly.

Through all of this, we can ensure competence requirements achieve compliance with regulation 24 of ROGS, building a strong link between competence, safety and culture.


Quantifying Operational Risk

QSS have developed industry leading risk quantification tools which allows transport operators and infrastructure management organisations to assess and quantify the hazardous events to which they are exposed.

The mathematical modelling and statistical techniques within our unique tool allow the organisation to determine the consequence and frequency for hazardous events. This is combined with low frequency, high impact catastrophic risks to generate a mathematical fatality risk value. Behavioural and conditional precursors are used to further show where mitigating actions can significantly reduce the risk to the public and staff exposed to hazardous events.


Safety Risk Model

QSS are leading proponents of the Risk Management Maturity Model, otherwise known as RM3. We have undertaken RM3 assessments with a wide range of rail companies since it was developed and have added our own methodology around the model to create consistency. This allows it to be useful as a bench-marking tool and for comparisons between companies.

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