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Safety Management 

Safety is at the forefront of business, our safety services cover a wide range of industries and are tailored to ensure that your people are kept safe at all times.

Risk Management is critical to the success of a business, managing the safety and environmental aspects of the business requires a thorough approach to the identification and the controls to mitigate the risk.

A simple five step process can be adopted to manage risk:

  • Identify the risks in your activities

  • Analyse (or eliminate)

  • Plan

  • Mitigate

  • Monitor

The QSS Group Limited are able to develop your management systems, that improve the organisation's key objectives and to make your systems relevant as an essential component for success.

The management systems can be developed to meet the requirements of ISO 45001 and railway industry standards.

The QSS Group Limited offers management systems support services as an essential component for the development of business excellence.

Our service of management systems support introduces our team of professionals to your business to enhance your business systems, add value and contribute to the improvement of business performance without becoming an un-manageable administrative burden.

Let QSS help you realise you business system objectives through close working partnerships to create the conditions for success.

QSS has considerable experience in providing customers with expert guidance and development services for management systems and supporting documentation.

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