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RM3 | Risk Management Maturity Model

QSS are leading proponents of the Risk Management Maturity Model RM3, with a unique application which streamlines and simplifies the evidence gathering process, known as RM3-D. 

What is RM3-D?

RM3-D is an efficient way of assessing the management maturity of your organisation, using the widely available and trusted RM3 model. A decade of experience using the model has gone into this approach, which can accelerate your assessment process and enable you to reap the benefits much more quickly and more effectively than traditional paper methods deliver. The aim is for organisations to achieve excellence in safety risk control and this can only be done through effective management. QSS Group developed the RM3-D model to undertake RM3 assessments and scoring in a much more objective and systematic manner.

I am already working to the RM3 framework successfully, why will RM3-D improve this?

One of the challenges in using RM3 is to keep a whole organisation model in your mind when you are assessing the maturity of a particular process, location or function. Whatever maturity information you already have can be loaded into the RM3-D model quickly and then you can use the tools to continue your assessment journey more efficiently and more effectively than before. We have undertaken RM3 assessments with a wide range of rail companies and have developed our own RM3-D methodology to create consistency, meaning is also useful as a bench-marking tool, for comparisons between companies and for target setting.

Does it deliver a good return on investment?

Once you’ve got the model and the base questions in place, these are then usable over many years to underpin your assessment and your journey towards improvement. Although there is some investment up front, the payback is huge, as you and your team can return time and again to use the model and the information at whatever pace or frequency you need to. 

How easy is it to use?

There’s a little bit of effort up front to pick appropriate RM3 evidence sets that match your type of operation.  QSS have a library to choose from of these . Once these are mounted into the RM3D app, then it’s very easy to use.  You simply have to answer the questions presented, choose appropriate evidence of the type indicated and link it to the answer. Your progress is shown on the interactive 3D models, so you can choose where to go next to find maturity evidence.​ RM3-D has a set of awards to recognise the achievement of an organisation. It also involves a new and easy to understand visualisation function which shows where organisations need to improve, to attain higher scores within the model.

How can I find out more?

Contact QSS so we can discuss where you are on your RM3 journey and how we may be able to give you any advice and support that you need to progress further.


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