Project Safety Management Training


The course is designed around sound operational methodology based on our solid experience in safety and environmental training within a major project environment using the most appropriate training techniques for the type of information that we are imparting. We aim, wherever appropriate, to make the training sessions fully participation oriented and interactive avoiding lecture-style training delivery. This involves group discussions, case studies and group exercises. Our aim is to ensure the delegates can transfer the skills and knowledge acquired on the course to their workplace to allow maximum retention thus adding long-term value to the business.

Some examples of the benefits which the PSM training has delivered for our clients include:

  • An overall reduction in accidents and incidents, as indicated in accident and near miss statistics

  • Improved project safety performance, as demonstrated by improved audit results

  • Improved management of contractors, often revealed in improved KPI trends

  • Better understanding and compliance with health and safety legislation and railway standards

  • A far greater awareness of the management of project risks and the legal requirements for project safety. This is largely demonstrated by the excellent feedback that we receive with regard to the PSM course, and the ‘word-of-mouth’ process, which has encouraged others to apply directly to us for a place on these courses


3 Day


The Course will cover the following topics:

Session 1 - Client Project Management Arrangements
Session 2 - Legal Requirements
Session 3 - “Client’s” Project Safety: Organisation & Arrangements
Session 4 - Managing Project Safety
Session 5 - Requirements for Principal Contractors
Session 6 - Monitoring Performance
Session 7 - Designers and Projects
Session 8 - The Project and the Environment