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Lone Working Training

Course Overview:

This training will focus on effective communication skills, understanding and identifying risks and why maintaining contact whilst lone working is important. The course is designed to improve understanding of your organisation’s lone working policy whilst helping staff to feel confident resolving situations effectively and safely when working alone.

Course / Session Duration:

Lone Working Training is a half day course.  This course can be delivered online or as a traditional face-to-face tutor led session on your own site or venue.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise the legal duties and responsibilities of lone working

  • Demonstrate assessing, identifying, and controlling the risks of lone working

  • Identify good practices and strategies to reduce risk associated with lone working

  • Establish why lone working policies and procedures are important for safety

  • Learn why maintaining contact is crucial and having a specific process in place is essential

Target Audience:

This course is beneficial for lone workers or employers who wish to learn more about the regulations, risk assessments and appropriate lone working control measures.

Assessment Method:

This is an appreciation and knowledge-based course, no knowledge assessment considered necessary.

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