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Event Safety

Our team of health and safety professionals consider environment, security, logistics, impact and preservation of the location, other organisations and individuals when it comes to delivering operations on TV shows, Blockbuster films and high-profile events.


TV and Film Safety

We have a team of experienced professionals who can assist with location recces, advice on minimising risk and keeping everyone safe. We have experience working in dilapidated or listed buildings, high presence public areas and safety critical infrastructures. 

Festival & Fairground Safety

Through working with safety critical industry leaders, The QSS Group have helped to identify risks through facilitating sessions with internal staff experts to determine hazards and identify controls. 

Working with complex or challenging environments is something we are well practiced in.

Event Safety

A review of a proposed location will be given based on the intended use. 

This will include a review of the relevant health and safety documentation alongside location specific risks such as weight limits, environment, logistics, access and egress, security and more! 

Stage & Theatre Safety

Everyone will be kept safe at all times as we will cover all aspects of safety to ensure this.

Safety is, after all, at the forefront of all businesses.

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