TTS Competence

Case Study

Britain's busiest airport were unable to demonstrate competence of their Track Transit System Maintenance in accordance with the ROGS regulations.


The staff at the airport were fully competent in Track Transit System Maintenance, however their practices were not up to the standard of ROGS regulations. QSS began to develop materials to help align their competence with the regulations and ensure that all future employees were trained accordingly.


The remit was developed to include a full suite of documentation, a database of tasks and technician competence and a display for day-to-day competence management. In order to progress the remit QSS carried out an assessment of critical risk, both safety and business critical risk.


The output from this assessment provided guidance for the TTS management in how to demonstrate compliance to ROGS, the discovery of relevant existing documentation and the depth and breadth of the maintenance activity. In turn the TTS management were then able to set out the parameters for the database and display characteristics. The remit was delivered in 5 months over the summer of 2014. TTS management have now embarked on a programme of periodic competence assessment.