Tram Wheelset Maintenance

Where do you go in the UK if you have a maintenance requirement for solid axle wheelsets for Trams, a very low requirement.

Do you risk a contract with the heavy rail suppliers on the basis that they will have the knowledge for what you need? Or do you risk a local engineering company with the tools and equipment but not the knowledge? This was the dilemma faced by two big city tram systems in the 'north' of England.

The QSS Group were approached with this question and decided to support a local engineering company by providing the knowledge and experience to meet the delivery of tram wheelsets by the local engineering company.

2 main parameters arose during the initial discussions.

  1. Compliance to ROGS requirements

  2. Where volume would not be a major price driver

Three documents were required,

  • a wheelset datasheet

  • a maintenance specification

  • and most importantly a supplier approval standard

The maintenance specification set out the do's and don'ts of wheelset maintenance and the demarcation required by the tram maintainer and the wheelset supplier. The supplier approval document set out the minimum requirements for the competence and facilities of the engineering company and required an assessment report confirming the ability and the limitations of the supplier for each wheelset type. The supplier provided a workshop procedure and some considerable investment in training and new fixtures and equipment.

The outcome provided a win-win for all parties resulting in:

  1. local, responsive supplier for the tram operators

  2. and a new work stream for the engineering company

The QSS Group are proud to be associated with this new supplier initiative and continue to support the Railway Industry Supply Chain Approval Process.

Case Study