Supplier Site Safety Inspections

Case Study

The QSS Group provide site inspections for the largest rail network operator in the UK. This includes sites all over the UK where contractors are undertaking construction work.


For over 15 years, The QSS Group Ltd has provided a service to the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales whereby site safety is assured. The client has a huge asset base and their construction and maintenance requirement is continual and unrelenting.


Our Compliance team consists of independent, competent and experienced Consultants who represent the “front face” of the client to monitor Health, Safety and Environmental compliance at worksites where contractors are undertaking construction works on premises owned by the client. Regular engagement and progress meetings with the client and the contractor is a necessity to coordinate site activities and compare work in progress.

The Health, Safety and Environmental monitoring ensures contractors are legally compliant and adhere to Group and company standards, as well as encouraging awareness of the risks associated with the work being undertaken. Any non-compliances found are highlighted immediately on site for the contractor to rectify as soon as practicable in order to ensure that safety remains of primary importance. Site inspections are undertaken with ensuing reports being issued, as well as regular performance statistics and bulletins issued to the client. The client recognises the major advantages of such information to measure performance and ensure the continual improvement in the safety culture within their contractor base.


Activities monitored includes construction, refurbishment, utility works, maintenance and inspections and surveying works upon sites across the whole of the UK including railway arches, train station premises, office blocks, car parks and yards. Worksite duration activity ranges from a few hours to a several years for which we provide 24hour service cover 365 days of the year, providing resource at short notice to inspect worksites based on a risk based priority.