Site Supervisor Training


  1. To understand the role and function of a supervisor

  2. To be aware of legal requirements

  3. To be able to understand key causes of accidents and prevention

  4. To communicate more effectively in the work place


Supervisory Safety Specification

  • Function and responsibilities

  • Safety management/Job specific factors

Scheduling Work Activities

  • Harmful effects of not scheduling work activities

  • Working time – Active and reactive

Effective Communication in the Workplace

  • Methods of communication

  • Effective questioning

  • Communication barriers and causes

  • Positive communication

Influencing Workplace Behaviour

  • Motivational recognition (Abraham Maslow)

  • Individual beliefs and influencing them

  • Changing behaviour

  • Safety consequences

Controlling Risk and Accident Prevention

  • Recognition of an accident

  • Accident causation

  • Human failure

  • Accident investigation

Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification

  • Hazard and risks

  • Risk factor rating

Workplace Monitoring

  • Safety audit and safety inspection


1 Day


On completion of the course, delegates undertake a short test and successful delegates will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion.