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Hello and welcome to our QSS Blog!

Over 500 years. That’s the total amount of experience the QSS team have. Sure, we could just list the railway history but would that not make for a tedious read? Our aim is to make our blogs interesting, just like our company. The QSS Group’s history stretches far back in the rail industry, with members of our team spending large proportions of their working lives within rail, which is great for us! Railway heritage is rich in Derbyshire and it is evident that the heritage is still an identity associated with this city, as Derby recently celebrated 175 years of railway heritage. The development of an industrial Victorian city to the modern railway, Derby remains a key piece in the industry.

‘The railway transformed the world’. Such a powerful statement that can be open to debate, but to be part of a company that supports the railway through our health and safety services is very rewarding! In my view, this statement holds a lot of truth. The invention of the first train was