It’s Time to Start Being Healthy in The Office!

With this week being Health & Wellbeing Week in Great Britain, I thought it was fitting to do a blog post on just that! At QSS, we have over 30 years’ experience in the Health & Safety industry and if that doesn’t tell you we are passionate about it, I don’t know what will!

We believe Health & Safety is vital, in all lines of our work, from off-site work to working in the office, it all matters to us! Half of our staff are based in the office, so, Owen the Owl has put together some great tips to help you stay healthy!

If we don’t look after our health, we would struggle to carry out even the simplest of tasks. With many of us working in excess of 40 hours per week, it is not surprising that many of us feel unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially with office based work. Here are some top tips to make sure employees stay healthy at work!

1. Drink Water.

Throughout the day it is recommended to drink 2 litres of water which will hydrate you and assist in focus and concentration. We get it, time flies when you’re busy at work but it can counteract the effects of drowsiness, which may be felt when staring at a computer all day or in those long laborious meetings! Remember, bring your own water bottle and you are more likely to drink at regular intervals.

2. Eat Healthy.

This goes hand in hand with drinking plenty of water throughout the day. It is easy enough to just nip to the shop and buy an unhealthy lunch, so start bringing a healthy packed lunch! Making sure you have a proper breakfast before work and following through with a healthy lunch with limited unhealthy/ fast-food snacks, you will feel the benefit throughout the day. But of course, no one would judge you if you had a sneaky little treat every now and again!

3. Take Regular Breaks.

Work can be extremely busy and it can be hard to find time to take a break, however taking some breaks will do more good than harm. So, get up and go for a walk on your lunch and eat your lunch away from your desk! Especially if you are staring at a computer all day it is important to make sure you take regular eye breaks to avoid straining the eyes or even blurriness.

4. Posture.

It can be hard maintaining a good posture throughout the day. It is easy to slowly lean forward when using a computer which can strain the neck, therefore there should be a conscious effort to avoid this if possible.

Don’t forget that these are important factors that contribute to your health so make sure you take notice & have a great week!

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