Understanding More About Internal Audits…

Did you know that The QSS Group can provide Internal Audits to ensure your organisation’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively?

An audit is a learning experience from which business improvements can develop. The training and experience of our auditors enables the construction of the highest quality audit plan to ensure the discovery and presentation of not only corrective actions but also identifying good practice in a collaborative and friendly manner.

So, what does an internal audit entail? During an internal audit, auditors will:

  • Assess the management of risk

  • Advise managers at all levels

  • Evaluate and assist the improvement of internal controls

  • Analyse and assist the improvement of operations

  • Provide an unbiased and objective view

Internal audits have a great value to an organisation as they are fundamentally important to an organisation’s development and ultimately help organisations to succeed. For more information on why you should choose us, visit our website at: https://www.theqssgroup.co.uk/internal-audits or contact us on 01332 221 400.

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