Marketing Tactics for 2019- What Should You Be Focusing On?

As we are approaching the final quarter of the year, what is ahead for 2019 regarding marketing? And more importantly, what are the key things to look out for in the upcoming year?

  1. Traditional ads are NOT always the best way forward. Nowadays people are putting their trust in reputable content and in people and brands they know! It’s not being said that ads should totally be forgotten, but maybe other avenues of marketing should be looked at.

  2. Being creative with marketing is KEY and don’t just follow the crowd! Some old-fashioned marketing is always good.

  3. Understand how your customers communicate! This is vital in understanding how to market to them. Technology is a massive part of people’s lives nowadays and technology is a great way to market your company!

  4. LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing! 59% of marketers generate B2B leads on LinkedIn in comparison to 26% on other platforms (Social Media Today, 2018).

  5. Video is the way forward! The average attention span for most people is short so videos are a great way to grab your customers’ attention!

Marketing is key to keep any business going and in 2019 new trends will emerge and to stay in the game companies will have to adapt. Creativity is key but sometimes sticking to something simple can be ever so effective. So remember, times will change and so will marketing, but never forget old marketing tactics can still be as effective!


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