My 2018 So Far...

As Summer is drawing to a close, I am looking back on how busy 2018 has been so far! From exhibitions to working on films, 2018 has been busy in the Health and Safety industry. At the end of last year and slowly throughout this year, I have slowly been releasing images of me leading to a whole lot of mystery, that mystery was in fact The QSS Group being involved in Mission Impossible Fallout! I was lucky enough to tag along with my Managing Director, Dave Harris and help on the

Health and Safety side of the film and what a great experience it was! This was a great opportunity for The QSS Group to show how our services can transfer through many different sectors. Designing risk out in a dynamic environment such as this certainly does come with its challenges, albeit a lot of fun. Who said Health & Safety is boring!

The three exhibitions we attended this year were Subcon, Rail Live and UK Light Rail Conference, all of which were great! Many individuals now have their very own facsimile of me, their own Owen the Owl! The exhibitions were good as they allowed us to promote the QSS brand and services and talk to a variety of other companies. In 2019 we will be returning and exhibiting at Subcon again and keep a look out to see where else we will be exhibiting!


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