Fire Risk Assessments- They Are Vital!

Fire is both destructive and dangerous and as a health and safety company, we believe that Fire Risk Assessments (FRA’s) are vital!

An FRA monitors potential risks or hazards to provide a safer working environment. Therefore, they are key! Occupiers and employers need to understand the risks and the possible consequences if a fire was to break out. An effective FRA will enable the discovery of not only corrective actions but also identifying good practice in a collaborative manner.

Here at The QSS Group Ltd, we can carry out FRA’s regarding health, safety, welfare and the environment. Fire Risk Assessments should be the foundation for all the fire precautions on your premises.

A targeted assessment programme will provide an independent review, point out improvements and help you spot and avoid serious fire risks. So, get an FRA today and be prepared for any eventuality!

However, what if you are a landlord?

Landlords are responsible for the fire safety of their premises and have a duty of care to their tenants. As the person that has control over the premises, you have to carry out a FRA or pass it onto someone suitable. It is not a requirement, but it would be good if you could supply your tenants with the FRA and ensure that they both understand and comply with what is required.

How often should a landlord carry out FRA’s?

This should be done annually (dependent upon the terms of the lease) and updated when the risks or the building is changed (This could include change of tenancy or occupancy).

Fire Safety: Role of the 'Appropriate Person'

All workplaces, commercial premises and other buildings the public have access to must have a fire risk assessment carried out. The appropriate person must carry out or arrange for a risk assessment of the commercial property. They must also implement and maintain appropriate and adequate fire safety measures to minimise the risk to life from fire.

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