Why Companies Should Exhibit…

Trade shows are a powerful way to increase your network and expand your knowledge, so why not do an exhibition?

It is understandable why so many companies stay away from exhibiting, the unknown return of investment, not knowing how the exhibition will go and just not fully understanding the benefits that can come from exhibiting!

So why exhibit?

  1. I believe one of the key reasons is to generate new leads! They allow you to meet people

face to face who could have been difficult to reach via phone or e-mail. This could result in a sale for you!

  1. You can showcase your products or be able to openly speak about your services in more depth and detail as you have someone’s full attention.

  2. Create more brand awareness. At exhibitions your marketing materials fully represent your company and who you are. This is a perfect time to make sure they’re on show to the variety of people that will be attending the exhibitions.

  3. Networking! This could lead to a potential sale or it could just allow you to gain a great connection that could potentially need your services in the future, as they say its not what you know, it’s who you know.

  4. Competition. Your competition could potentially be there, see what they are doing and see how you could do better.

  5. Exhibitions are generally not a short term win but a long term strategy.

Exhibitions are important, and you have to at least give one exhibition a shot! You may gain a lot, or you may gain very little- but you will never know unless you try. The QSS Group have exhibited at Subcon this year, it was our first time there and it was great! We will also be exhibiting at Rail Live 2018 and UK Light Rail in Manchester, so come along if you are at either of them and see us!

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