Why Should Companies Blog?

In the world we live in today, most businesses are on social media, and have some form of an online presence and if this isn’t the case, then they are really missing out! A key thing that has started to grow is the increase in business blogging. It is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get a business more online visibility and it is something that works if done right!

The Benefits of Blogging:

  • It helps drive traffic;

Each time you write a blog post, it is another page on your website and another opportunity for someone to find you! This will also help you get discovered more on social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Your blogs can be shared and liked to reach a wider audience and will expose your business further, all for FREE!

  • Turning your traffic into leads;

When traffic comes to your website, it is great if you can now turn this traffic into leads. So now you have people on your website, implement a call-to-action. By including an offer/ discount, you can gather the individual’s information, allowing you to contact them and they receive their offer, it’s a win-win.

  • Enhances long-term results;

Generating new leads is great and blogging helps you achieve long- term results. After publishing a blog, it may get a large amount of views in the first day or so, however that is NOT the end! The blog post will now be ranking on search engines; therefore, you can continue to get traffic, days or even weeks after the original blog post!

I think it can be fully argued that business blogging is KEY and massively beneficial to any business. It creates a new dimension to your company, it takes topics that people are interested in and goes into more depth. Ultimately, my advice is, if you are not currently blogging, start now!!

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