New Year: What Does 2018 Hold For The Business World…

First, to all our readers, Happy New Year! We are well and truly into 2018 now, with the first two weeks of January finished, so what does 2018 hold for the business world? This is something no one can fully predict as the world is constantly changing, however with certain legislation and regulations coming into play this year, this is something we can guarantee.

One key area that will impact a lot of businesses is The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which will come into effect in May 2018. GDPR will allow individuals to have more power over their personal data. So how does this impact businesses? Businesses must comply with these new rules and adhere to them else they are liable to be fined. This will affect companies through how marketing and sales activities are managed. Organisations will also have to prove that consent was in fact given. If companies are not ready for the transition to GDPR, they should in fact seek advice to ensure that everything is up to date and in larger companies a Data Protection Officer needs to be assigned.

Also, this year will see changes to legislation and regulations regarding ISO 9001:2008, which is the Quality standard and 14001:2008, which is the Environmental standard, to the 2015 standards. The deadline is towards the end of the year, in September 2018. The key differences are that these two will now follow the same overall structure as other ISO management system standards. There has been a two-year transition period which has allowed organisations to start ensuring everything is up to date. To transition smoothly, there is the option of Gap Analysis.

2018 will evidently be the year of change, however, none of us know what this year will hold, so we will just have to wait and see!

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