It's Nearly Christmas...

Welcome to our December blog and I’m guessing you are all feeling as festive as us here at The QSS Group, right? Well we hope you are in the festive spirit! This year it came down to the losing team from our team building day in August to organise the Christmas Party, however, this was no punishment! The aim was to change the way Christmas parties are normally done here and bring about something new and exciting for us all to do. So, on Thursday 7th December 2017 we had our Christmas Party in the form of a murder mystery, specifically Beauty and The Beastly Murder… A great evening was had by all, filled with good food, great company and a bit of competitiveness! We were split into 3 teams to guess the ‘murderer’, although sadly none of us guessed correctly! It allowed us to bond further as a team and interact with each other a bit more in a less formal area. Overall, it was a great evening!

To continue the Christmas festivities, we also decided to take part in Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children! It is such a great cause that we were happy to raise money for the charity! On Thursday 14th December 2017, we held a bake sale and everyone in the office wore a Christmas jumper or something Christmas related to raise money. The bake sale was a success and local companies bought some cakes to support us, which was much appreciated!

Finally, from The QSS Team we would like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you in 2018!

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