Why We Love Risk Assessments (And You Should Too!)

Here at The QSS Group, we have been offering practical consultancy in risk since 1995. That should convince you of our knowledge, but if it doesn’t, carry on reading this blog! A Risk Assessment essentially helps you to identify risks within your business, that is stating the obvious, we know! However, there are a variety of risks that can occur in a business such as safety, quality and environmental, all of which we have trained consultants for, who can support you when assessing these risks.

How we can support you:

  • We can help you to recognise and control hazards.

  • Help you to reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents.

  • Save costs by being proactive.

Risks in the work place need to be controlled, therefore we would analyse your business to identify activities that may cause harm and then compile an action plan that will help prevent this from occurring. We would then identify the hazards as it is so simple to overlook some.

This leads on to us deciding who may be harmed in the organisation and how this could possibly happen but also consider risks faced by external people, such as visitors coming onto site or members of the public.

Making safe decisions are important to eliminate the opportunity of risks occurring.

Health and Safety legislation is now stricter than ever, so it doesn’t make sense to not conduct a Risk Assessment. To protect yourself and your colleagues, you must follow a few simple steps.

These steps are:

  • Identify the hazards during an activity

  • Decide who may be harmed in various situations and how they would be harmed

  • Evaluate the risks and consider how these could be controlled

  • Record the findings and implement them

  • Decide if reasonable and practical control measures are in place

  • Regularly review assessments.

For further information on how we can assist you in all your needs, contact us on 01332 221 400 or visit our website at: https://www.theqssgroup.co.uk

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