Safety Management Systems

It is quite surprising how quickly time passes, the years go by. During that elapsed time organisations, roles and responsibilities change, sometimes instinctively, sometimes formally and are due an independent review to confirm continued effectiveness. It is with this knowledge, gathered over many years, that The QSS Group Ltd has developed a significant presence in the field of Safety Management Systems audits in order that the SMS's of Train Operating Companies and ‘Non Mainline’ Operators including Light Rail and Tracked Transit systems can benefit from our audits to assist in the identification of the highest value outputs to support continual improvement in systems operated by and managed by them. We carry multi-disciplinary expertise that allows us to conduct effective audits of the high risk aspects of both Infrastructure Managers and Train Operator’s safety management systems.

In being given the opportunity to work with them we have delivered audit findings documented in a manner developed over several years which allows the output to be better integrated with our client’s corrective action processes.

In addition, we have delivered a number of Safety focused reviews of Management systems and in particular of the safety critical roles and activities within their organisations. Our review processes have also provided an opportunity to utilise the ORR’s RM3 model to widen the scope to cover cultural and other safety management issues that are usually covered during an ISMS Audit. We have delivered support tools to assist organisations in self-assessment against RM3, and have conducted RM3 assessments alongside other audit activities.

Delivery of these reviews has been carried out in all cases in a professional and effective manner by our team of consultants utilising their wealth of experience and skill. Leaving their organisation with a effective, suitable and sufficient Management System for the safety critical roles and activities within their organisations detailed in a formal ‘Summary Report’ output suitable for sharing with stakeholders, regulators and other parties as required.

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