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RM3 | Risk Management Maturity Model

QSS are leading proponents of the Risk Management Maturity Model RM3, with a unique application which streamlines and simplifies the evidence gathering process, known as RM3-D. Watch the video below to find out how it works:

We have undertaken RM3 assessments with a wide range of rail companies and have developed our own RM3-D methodology to create consistency. This allows it to be useful as a bench-marking tool, for comparisons between companies and for target setting. The aim is for organisations to achieve excellence in safety risk control and this can only be done through effective management.


The Demonstration of Safety Excellence across the Rail Industry


RM3 has been produced by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) especially for the transport sector, and is increasingly being used throughout the railway supply chain to demonstrate excellence.  It is also embedded into the way the Regulator assesses the maturity of Duty Holder’s safety management.


As part of QSS’s RM3 service, we provide familiarisation training on RM3, which includes an introduction to the Model, how it can be used and the levels that can be achieved by organisations. The course also gives the opportunity to practice the identification of evidence for assigning levels.


Why Choose QSS?


QSS are well placed to provide RM3 assessments and training, as we are experienced in providing Train Operators with their RM3 score based on audit evidence and regularly undertake RM3 assessments based on observation. Recognising that this could be very subjective and lacking a baselining capability, QSS developed the RM3-D model to undertake RM3 assessments and scoring in a much more objective and systematic manner.


The bespoke tool kit that QSS have developed using our experience of Rail Company deployment, allows the RM3 assessment to be objectified.  The QSS RM3 model has a set of awards to recognise the achievement of an organisation. The QSS Tool Set also involves a new and easy to understand visualisation function which shows where organisations need to improve, to attain higher scores within the model.


Bespoke Training on using RM3

To get our clients on the road to a thorough and consistent RM3 assessment, we currently offer RM3 awareness training.  We can quickly develop courses using RM3 that suit your use of the model and your team’s current level of competence, so that your team’s assurance processes will make better use of the model to improve your business. More advanced training would encompass the use of the QSS Tool Set to get people engaged with RM3 in a fun and interesting manner. Contact Us Now, to experience a clearer and smoother process of safety maturity assessment.

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