Project Management

Operating a railway business in today’s regulatory environment is challenging for both large and small businesses. Since the needs of a company can change drastically on an ongoing basis, a wide range of business systems are being developed all the time. Due to these changing demands, IT areas alone are often tasked with designing and implementing solutions for companies with short delivery deadlines. Many of these may involve changes in the law, changes in operational needs, changes in policies and procedures as well as a large host of varying initiatives, well outside the scope of the IT area.

This emphasises the importance for IT management and their staff to be aware of incorporating these demands into their projects. The QSS Group Ltd protect our clients by providing IT professionals with both project management skills and the knowledge of Business Risk in the Railway industry to railway businesses for the purpose of strengthening their business systems.

Jumping in with the development of the solution without a plan for controlling business risk is like placing the cart before the horse. This is one of the main reasons why most project managers and IT managers can concur that failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.

It is important to protect the quality of the systems that the company deploys. One of the basic keys to providing great systems today is focusing on the user's experience and those associated factors that make the company's system effective and efficient. Specifically, our professionals have the project management experience and the tools that can help to see the project through from its inception to implementation.

In addition, QSS is fully briefed on the requirements and changes to Railway standards and specifications ensuring that all business risks are controlled and that changes are managed safely.

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