Product Inspection

European and far Eastern Railway Operators purchase products from UK and European manufacturers on the basis that supplier's site inspections of each and every batch of product to be delivered is undertaken. The QSS Group Ltd provide that service delivering batch sample inspections of a wide variety of railway products produced by UK and European companies.

Despite the universal implementation of ISO 9001 and other Quality Management and Supplier Approval initiatives, these Operators consider the process well worthwhile. The availability to the maintenance or construction line-side of spares that have been 'proven' to be to specification and supplied fit-for-purpose is of significant benefit to Procurement and Production Managers alike. The minimal cost of this service provides a significant cost-benefit when the avoidance of workshop downtime and product return costs are considered.

QSS engineers travel widely throughout the UK and Europe on a monthly basis directing and witnessing dimensional and performance routines on railway products, providing the purchasing Operator with a clear written statement of the routines undertaken and an inclusive list of part and serial numbers involved.

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