Lone Working 


This course will aim to achieve the following:

  • To provide information, advice and practical support to anyone who works alone, either in an isolated environment or visiting people away from a colleague supported environment

  • To provide training appropriate to the needs of the individual

  • To deliver information in a format that allows each participant to develop their own strategies bespoke to the needs of their personal circumstances

  • To provide each participant with skills to recognise potential problems and be proactive in risk reduction

  • To introduce participants to techniques to deal with conflict and aggression


The content of this course will cover:

  • Defining Lone Working

  • The legal and personal implications of Health & Safety at Work legislation

  • The importance of understanding and undertaking risk assessments and looking at potential risk control measures e.g. walk away policies, potentially violent person list, doubling-up.

  • The importance of effectively sharing information

  • The significance of effective communication systems and support systems

  • Travelling safely on foot, by car or public transport

  • The significance of carrying equipment, materials or information that may attract unwanted attention

  • Recognising potentially unsafe situations, or situations of deteriorating safety, and considering how to develop effective ‘escape’ strategies

  • How to deal with conflict, threatening and aggressive behaviour?


1 Day


The course process combines the full range of training medium including, tutor led presentations, group discussion and practical demonstrations.