IOSH Managing Safely



This course is aimed at line managers and supervisors. It will give them an appreciation of health and safety requirements and enable them to review departmental systems for safety, introducing new controls or implementing changes as appropriate to make the department work more safely.



Day One - Module 1 & Module 2

  • Introducing managing safely

  • The Importance of managing safely

  • Key reasons to manage safely

  • The responsibilities as a manager

  • Effective health & safety management

  • Assessing risk

  • What is risk?

  • What is a risk assessment?

  • How are risk assessments carried out?

Day Two – Module 3 & Module 4

  • Controlling risk

  • How to reduce risk?

  • How to decide which control to use?

  • Hierarchy of risk control

  • Understanding your responsibilities

  • What does the law require you to do?

  • How does the law work?

  • What are the key parts of a health & safety management system?

Day Three – Module 5 & Module 6

  • Identifying hazards

  • What are common hazards?

  • What can you do about common hazards?

  • Investigating accidents and incidents

  • Why investigate accidents and incidents?

  • How do accidents and incidents happen?

  • How do you carry out an investigation?

Day Four – Module 7 & Module 8

  • Measuring performance

  • What’s performance measurement about?

  • How do you measure health and safety performance?

  • What is auditing?

  • What is the impact of industry on the environment?

  • How can you control pollution and waste?

  • What are the main elements of an environmental management system?


4 days


Following successful completion of the course and assessments candidates will be awarded a certificate from IOSH.