Introduction to ROGs and Developing & Maintaining Staff Competence


The course will aim to give candidates:

  • A higher level of understanding of ROGS and Railway Safety Publication 1 within your business, giving employees a clear picture of the requirements in which they are working.

  • An opportunity to improve compliance within existing rail businesses, by bringing understanding and ownership to key personnel.

  • An opportunity to learn about and understand these key requirements for businesses who are new entrants to the UK rail industry, or who wish to expand into the UK rail industry.


The training provided will assist employees in understanding these key areas of railway safety:

  • ROGS how they are applied and what they replaced

  • The approach of ROGS

  • Common Safety Method (CSM)

  • Common Safety Targets (CST)

  • Competent Person

  • Establish requirements for the CMS

  • Design the CMS

  • Implement the CMS

  • Maintain and Develop Competence

  • Verify, Audit and Review Competence

  • Transport Operator

  • Infrastructure Manager

  • Regulation Breakdown

All of the above re-enforce requirements reviewed as part of the RISAS process.


1 Day


On completion of this the candidate will need to be confident in ROGs and Developing & Maintaining Staff Competence.