Health & Safety for Directors



  • To provide an understanding of the moral, legal and business case for proactive safety, health and risk management, strategic safety and health management


  • Why health and safety in organisations is now clearly in the spotlight


  • Discuss high profile prosecutions and negative publicity


  • How Current legislation makes it easier for the enforcing authorities to hold senior managers personally accountable.


On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:


  • Describe the moral, legal and financial role of Operational Directors and Senior Executives, including their responsibilities, liabilities and accountabilities, both personal and organisational.


  • Understanding the importance of planning for health & safety through developing and implementing a health & safety policy, and integrating it into business systems.


  • Understand the value of an adequately resourced and efficient health and safety management system, the benefits of training at all levels, and having access competent advice.


  • Outline the benefits of good health & safety management systems, the consequences of failure to manage


  • Describe the importance of reviewing and continually improving management systems


  • Explain the positive impact leaders can have on performance through their attitude and support for improving its safety culture.


  • Describe the importance of performance monitoring and review for continual improvement in health & safety management.


1 Day


On completion of this course all delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.