Fire Safety Inspections

The QSS Group Ltd. are able to offer Fire Safety Inspections that monitor potential risks or hazards to provide a safer working environment. We have undertaken Fire Safety Inspections across the UK on all types of sites and buildings.

We carry out Fire Safety Inspections in regards to Health, Safety, Welfare and the Environment. An effective inspection enables the discovery of not only corrective actions but also identifying good practice in a collaborative manner. This will assist in assessing the fire risks on site and maintaining a positive safety culture.

A targeted inspection programme will provide an independent review, point out improvements and help you spot and avoid serious fire risks.

The scope of a Fire Safety Inspection includes an evaluation of the site documentation and site activity to ensure the site is being managed in accordance with legal requirements and company standards, and in the process ensuring that any fire hazards are remedied.

Why Choose Us?

The QSS Group Ltd have provided many clients including the leading Rail infrastructure owners with the tailored service of high quality Inspections for over 15 years. We are able to provide 24 hour service cover 365 days of the year, providing resource at short notice to inspect worksites based on a risk based priority.

Our team of independent Inspectors are highly competent in the Health and Safety field and have historical and practical experience in the construction, rail and production industry. We always ensure regular engagement with the client and subcontractors to coordinate site activities and evaluate work in progress.

We can also provide reports, statistical analysis and safety bulletins tailored to your needs, from which we can identify trends within your systems in order to aid in your continual improvement. Our customers recognise the major advantages of this value-for-money service to measure performance and ensure the continual improvement of the safety culture within the industry.