Environmental Risk Assessments

Our Environmental specialists can work with you to identify the environmental risks to which your business is exposed. We can examine your operations and advise you on good practice and the most environmentally friendly modes of operation. Using our bespoke toolset we can also identify legislation, regulation and official guidance that requires your compliance.  We can then help you design mitigations and practices that reduce the risks we have identified to acceptable levels.  

QSS staff are skilled in using a range of techniques for Environmental risk assessment and we can either assist organisations with undertaking these evaluations or train staff to use these techniques. Particularly we have specialisms in the use of Bow-tie risk analysis and in probability studies. We have built and implemented bespoke environmental risk assessment tools for staff to use as part of pre work checks. Wherever possible we use standard office productivity tools and using their enhanced capabilities fashion bespoke applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development techniques.

Our skill base also allows us to provide support for businesses wishing to enhance their environmental credentials through undertaking sustainability lifecycle analysis on their products and services and cost benefit analysis for proposed environmental projects.