Environmental Management System Development Support

Clients required QSS to provide a focussed route map for the delivery of ISO14001 in to their organisations .The systematic approach helps to focus effort on essentials while the actions provide components for project planning.


A number of companies required advice on developing their Environmental management System from scratch. QSS devised a route map approach to implementing a new ISO14001 EMS within their organisation. The approach provides a delivery route map that can be used to simplify the process of implementing the standard.  The route map shows the steps that need to be completed, described in a logical order. Each station on the route map is linked to a set of essential components that need to be put in place and a list of actions that can form the basis for an implementation project plan. 


Case Study


This approach is useful as a visual to aid understanding how the EMS is created to monitor progress toward certification as a check list for ensuring compliance and to form the basis of a project delivery plan. QSS project management expertise has also been used to plan project implementations of EMS and EnMS systems for Train operating Companies and a large UK airport.