Emergency First Aid Training

Course Details 

Emergency First Aid training is required for the following:

  • Up to 50 Low Risk Categories (shops and offices)

  • Up to 20 Medium Risk Categories (warehouses, food processing and light engineering)

  • Up to 5h High Risk Categories (construction, dangerous machinery and chemical manufacturing)


This course is ideal for all organisations who are low risk.

Eligibility: Organisations under the Low Risk category are required to appoint a person in charge of first aid arrangements. This 6 hour first aid course is suitable for any appointed person in the workplace or one who provides support to qualified First aiders, as specified in the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.


Location: The First Aid at Work course will be held at the customer’s premises with a minimum of 6 candidates -maximum of 12 delegates.


Assessment: Candidates will undergo continued assessment by qualified trainer.


1 Day


On successful completion of this course all delegates will receive a First Aid at Work Certificate (valid for 3 years).


  1. Insight into Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations

  2. Managing an incident

  3. Priorities of first aid

  4. First aid box contents

  5. Treatment of an unconscious casualty

  6. General discussion on common workplace injuries

  7. Treatment of shock

  8. Bleeding

  9. Treatment of choking

  10. Resuscitation