Depot Safety Awareness Training

As you would expect from a company that delivers a wide range of training courses to the UK rail industry, The QSS Group Ltd offers Depot Safety Awareness Training courses.

Our approach to your training needs may vary from basic half day sessions on Display Screen Equipment to more in-depth training for Project Managers, including dynamic risk assessment and “don’t walk by” Safety Initiative Schemes.

Some of our training is highly interactive and quite practical whereas other sessions are designed to be more of an update/refresher.

We keep courses up to date with changes in legislation and other standards and working practices. We utilise delegate feedback to make sure courses are pitched at the right level and feedback is reviewed for action.

So if your people would benefit from an introduction to:

  • Understanding the difference between hazards and risks

  • Generic Health and Safety Awareness

  • Employer/Employee Roles and Responsibilities

  • Rest/Fatigue

  • Vehicle and equipment specific hazards

Get in touch we would love to hear from you and your experiences.

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