Basic Accident Investigation Training


At the end of the course delegates will have an appreciation of:

  • Why accident investigations should be carried out.

  • How to carry them out effectively.

  • The relevant legal health and safety requirements to carry out investigations.

  • The people who may be involved.

  • How to structure an investigation to maximise information gathering and how to analyse findings to identify causes and determine where responsibility lies.

  • How to write a good investigation report.


1 day


Module 1: Key Definitions

  • Hazard

  • Accident

  • Incident

Module 2: Requirement to Investigate Accidents/Incidents

  • Why investigate Accidents/Incidents?

  • Requirement to investigate Accidents/Incidents

Module 3: The Cost of Accidents & Incidents

  • Iceberg Theory (Insured costs/Uninsured costs)

  • Accident Ratio’s (Bird Triangle)

  • Human Costs

Module 4: Control Measures and Human Failure

  • Error (Slip/Lapse/Mistake) Violation

  • Exercise – Identify where the ‘barriers’ failed

Module 5: Immediate and Underlying Causes

  • Henrich’s Domino Theory of Accident Causation

  • Immediate Cause – Unsafe Act/Unsafe Condition

  • Exercise – Unsafe Act or Unsafe Condition?

  • Underlying Causes

  • Why?/Because Model

  • Influencing Factors

  • Model of causal analysis (why? because, why? because)

Module 6: Evidence Gathering and Sequence of Events

  • Types of Evidence (Perishable evidence/Non-perishable evidence)

  • Determining sequence of events

Module 7: Conducting Interviews

  • Guidance on how to conduct an interview

  • Aims and Objectives of an interview

  • Purpose of an interview

Module 8: Actions and Recommendations

  • SMART Actions (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timescaled)

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