Network Rail Property Safety Forum

Last week The QSS Group hosted a Safety Forum involving members from Network Rail Property and their Site Contractors. As The QSS Group is involved with the organisation of Site Inspections, this forum gave attendees a chance to give and receive feedback on different Safety or Inspection concerns. It also provided presentations and workshops based around different Safety Regulations and the most common Safety Hazards. Overall the event was received extremely well and our team received a lot of praise for the hosting of the event. Of course we also extend our thanks to the attendees as the day wouldn’t have been a success without their contributions. Here is some feedback we received from an attendee from Network Rail.


“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your team for your time on Tuesday, I found the way you approached the day was refreshing and professional. These things can become mundane at times and the attention span can waver but this was not the case with this Safety Forum and it would appear all were engaged and stimulated. Very much appreciated,I look forward to the next review.”


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